Jet Ski Ride

Jet Ski Ride

Jet Ski Ride in Andaman
Want to experience Andaman with all the excitement and thrill it can offer? Tripzzy can make your dream come true by adding a jet ski ride in Andaman to your Andaman adventure tour package.
For most people, travelling to the workplace and back on a private/public vehicle is a part of their daily, monotonous routine. The sandy beaches and the view of the open sea, alongside the other treats available in Andaman, can be the needed escape from it. 
Those looking for a quick and affordable way of adding thrill to their Andaman tour would love the jet skis. These small, high-speed scooters can be great fun to ride on the waters surrounding Andaman, making you forget the stress of traffic jams and all the honking you hear every day.
Now jet skiing, unlike other activities such as snorkelling or scuba diving won’t let you watch any sea creatures. It is purely for the thrill and adrenaline rush, that increases with every twist of the throttle.
For How Long Does Jet Ski Ride Take Place?
The usual time for a jet ski ride in Andman is about 10-12 minutes, but that depends on the place from which you’re doing it. The costs usually range from Rs 750-1000 (per person) based on the season, and if you opt for more than one ride, you are to pay a higher cost too. 
Now when you choose an Andaman package, the cost for the jet ski ride is usually included in the overall package cost. And so, the cost can also depend on which Andaman adventure tour package you’re getting.
Some More Information on Jet Skiing in Andaman
Several places in Andaman offer jet skiing facilities that you can utilize based on your convenience. Here are some of them:
North Bay Island
Neil Island
Elephant Beach
Port Blair

Both adults (up to 60 years) and children (above 10 years) are allowed to take part in a jet ski ride in Andaman. However, the condition is that they shouldn’t have any health issues and have to wear life jackets, gloves and such. 
Now the weather conditions are a factor that determines the extent to which one can enjoy this activity. Also, the passengers must follow the necessary rules regarding that are involved in it.
If you have more queries regarding jet skiing in Andaman, don’t hesitate to contact Tripzzy.

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Tourist Information:

 Activity Type: Fun and Adventure

Suited for: Families, Both Adults and kids

Age Limit: 10-60

Average Price in Andaman: 750/-

Average activity time: 10 Minutes